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Quality Policy


We maintain stringent quality controls through advanced product quality planning.
We operate an ISO9000 by a quality control manual.
Our test measurement equipment is all traceable and controlled to standard procedures.

1. Our quality control policy is to maximize customer satisfaction with the effect of cost reduction by making steady efforts for business renovation, minimizing all the possible occurrence of defects in the process and improving the customer’s complaint as soon as possible.

2. First of all, we focus our efforts on creating a efficient quality control system. Maintaining and promoting the system greatly contribute to the goals of our policy for realizing customer satisfaction and gaining reliance from customers.

3. All of our staff must make their utmost efforts with deep understanding the quality policy, so that our company can achieve quality policy goal and advance into a leading top-class company in this business.


Inspection Equipment


Nondestructive test equipment
  1. E-192 Ray Inspection machine for inside defect.
  2. Magnetic particle tester for outside defect.
  3. ultrasonic tester for inside defect.
  4. coloration tester for outside defect.
Mechanical property test
  1. hardness tester by hands and table used
  2. universal testing machine
Chemical analysis
  1. spectrometer
  2. normal procedure checker
Measurement Inspection
  1.3-coordinate measuring machine
  2.normal procedure tooling and gauge common used measurements
  Metallurgical micro-scope and taking photos




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